The Lightning-Struck Heart


The Lightning-Struck Heart
by TJ Klune
Difficulty: Easy
Amazon, Barnes and Noble

TJ Klune is an absolute machine, somehow churning out at least four reasonably well-developed romances every year. While they are always romances, Klune tries to write in as many genres and with as many types of characters as he can. The Lightning-Struck Heart was Klune’s first stab at high-fantasy and comes off fairly well partly due to his decision to take a comedic approach to the genre.

Sam of the Wilds is an incorrigible apprentice wizard in the kingdom of Verania, and he’s been mooning after the dreamy knight-commander Ryan Foxheart for years. But of course Ryan ends up getting engaged to the ill-tempered Prince Justin instead, crushing Sam’s long-cherished dreams. But when Justin is kidnapped by an apparently very horny dragon, Ryan, Sam, and his friends Gary the hornless gay unicorn and Tiggy the half-giant, set out to rescue him, all while Sam tries to ignore the growing closeness between himself and Ryan.

It’s cute and funny, and absolutely relentless with the punchlines. There’s pretty much no downtime between the jokes, which to some might be a little exhausting, but it’s largely in keeping with the characters. Much of the book’s humor is on the outrageous and over-the-top side, but there’s also a steady stream of banter mixed in with the more pronounced jokes. I still find Klune’s habit of continually retelling certain moments from the story to be tiresome, but it’s easily solved by skipping ahead to the next scene. The Lightning-Struck Heart is a welcome reminder that it’s important to laugh and have fun, especially when gay literature is so often depressing and tragic.

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