About Me

49778133_2002350563206094_1446621053458579456_nHi, I’m Nicholas, a graduate student studying English Literature at Washington State University. My research examines deviant behavior in literature such as homosexuality, criminality, drug use, “madness,” and prostitution, especially in 20th century America. Some of my favorite authors are Samuel R. Delany, Jean Genet, André Gide, and Virginia Woolf. I also teach several courses at WSU, including Introduction to College Composition and Introduction to Digital Technology and Culture.

This blog is a project I’ve wanted to do for a long time because I think it’s important. I have often made recommendations like those on this site to friends, so I decided to create a resource for anyone else who might be interested as well. While of course I have not read every single book about or for queer men, I believe I know enough to make useful suggestions for those seeking something to read. I hope it will be helpful to some.